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Commercial Building Inspector–Ontario

Commercial Property inspection requires special training and education.  A commercial property is defined as the building structures and improvements located on a parcel of commercial real estate.  These may include structures such as buildings with residential units operated for profit, mixed-use buildings, strip malls, motels, factories, storage facilities, restaurants and office buildings. Large Buildings is an intensive course dealing with the Occupancy of Buildings; Building Fire Safety; Safety within Floor Areas; Exits; Barrier Free Design; Structural Design; Change of Use and Renovations to name a few.  As you can see from the subject titles all of these aspects of a building are important and can be very expensive to repair or upgrade. 

In August of 1999, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published a Standard E2018-99, which defined "good commercial and customary practice for conducting a baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA)." This standard was specifically written for commercial real estate and largely intended for commercial real estate transactions. The Standard was updated in July of 2008 and renamed E2018-08.

Designated by OBOA as a Certified Building Code Official who will be performing your Commercial Building Inspection. All of our Property Condition Assessments or PCAs use the baseline property condition assessment process as outlined in the ASTM E-2018 Standards and InterNACHI International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.  We use Thermal Imaging for Moisture, Overheat and Roof leak detection.  Reports are detailed and contain detailed pictures and summaries to accurately describe building and conditions found.

The commercial property market is more susceptible to downturns in the economy. The rental income derived is obviously dependant on the business that rents the property from the owner, so the company renting the property really needs to be in a successful arena in order for lease agreement to run as smoothly as possible.

The Commercial Building Inspector also will arrange for Environmental Assessments. We work in partnership with JFM Environmental. A Phase I ESA is an assessment of a property conducted in accordance with the regulations to determine the likelihood that one or more contaminants have affected any land or water on, in or under the property.  The Phase I ESA provides preliminary information about environmental conditions on the property; a determination of the need for, and where necessary, a basis for carrying out any Phase II ESA.

We are the best choice for Commercial Building Inspections with all our staff being fully trained in the Ontario Building Code and having many years of practical experience with inspecting commercial and industrial buildings.  We have inspected commercial and industrial buildings valued over 30 million dollars.  Our inspections include plaza’s, malls, strip malls, industrial, office complex’s, residential apartment buildings and mixed use commercial buildings.

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